Jared and Tina


3.9.2019 | Detroit, MI


Ceremony Venue: First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn

Reception Venue: Ford Piquette Avenue Plant

Catering: Slows BBQ Bartenders: Miss Mixology Dessert: Cakes by Stephanie

Entertainment: T&M Entertainment Hair & Makeup: Nicole Lynn Bouquet Florist: The Grace Fields

I want to start by talking about my relationship with Jared and Tina. I’ve known Jared since 6th grade. We played soccer together, we ran cross country together, and we competed on the track team together often on the same relay or in the same events. Jared’s dad, Mike, even married my wife and I. I only had the honor of meeting Tina about a year ago during our first consultation. We meet up for coffee in Dearborn and just went through what their ideal wedding would look like. Spoiler* Their wedding turned out amazing. But from the moment I saw Jared and Tina together, it was clear that these were two people who were very much in love and were destined to be together. No matter where life takes these two, they are going to conquer the world together.

Their wedding is one that I had been looking forward to for a long time. From the excitement of seeing them actually get married to the awesome locations they had picked out for photos (I AM a photographer so I would argue that I’m allowed to be biased about this) and the super unique venue that is the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant - A National Historic Landmark since 2006 and the factory that produced the Model T and cemented Ford’s position as one of the biggest automakers in the U.S - everything about this day was what you would read about in a magazine.

Jared and Tina opted for a traditional approach and decided not to see either other before walking down the aisle. Their ceremony was absolutely beautiful and being married by his dad added that additional layer to making this such a personal affair. Marriage license signed and loaded in the party bus, we made our way to the DIA, where we were quickly hit with the impending “slight chance of rain” that we had been watching all day. The best solution, let the bridal party stay on the bus and the rest of us will run for it!

I try my best to not complain about the cold but y’all, it got real cold, real fast. Not a single time did Tina - bare shoulders and all - complain about the insane wind that turned her veil into a kite, the freezing rain that could have chilled a yeti, or the muddy grass that pretty much defines Michigan as the snow melts in the spring. We ran to the archways of the DIA, I’m shouting directions, they are running, it’s dark out, a crowd of people exiting the building descending on us, and still they were just happy to be together. If that doesn’t speak to their love for each other then I don’t know what could.

Their reception reflected who they are and what they believe in. Two long tables to bring all of their friends and family together. An amazing buffet from Slows BBQ to make sure no one went hungry (A well stocked bar made sure no one went thirsty either!). Cookies in the shape of Michigan and Illinois to show where their roots are. And a beautiful museum space because even though marriage is an old tradition, when you have something as beautiful as Jared and Tina’s love for each other, its worth protecting.

So if you’re reading this, I hope you will join me in raising a glass to the new Mr. and Mrs. Jared and Tina Hoffman!