An Introduction of Sorts


a quick introduction to Nicholas McIntosh

Welcome to my blog.

As I write this, I'm filled with thoughts on what this could be. I want to share my photography in a concise way while also offering my thoughts and experiences on the photography industry. My goal for this blog is to share some sneak peaks from weddings and portrait sessions, offer advice for those who have never had professional photos taken, and to provide an inside glimpse into my life. 

I suppose an appropriate place to start would be an introduction to myself. 

My name is Nick McIntosh and I am a professional photographer. Admittedly, it sounds weird to write that out. I think part of that could be because of the high-standard I like to hold myself to. I'm constantly learning and looking for new ways to improve and because of that, where I could be always feels like its a million miles away. Photography really is my passion and it is something that truly brings me joy. I love watching a bride and groom share the first moments of their lives together or even a high-school senior preparing to take their first huge step towards adulthood. Every picture speaks a thousand words and to be able to capture that emotion is something I could never take for granted. 

I grew up just outside of Detroit, MI in Dearborn and currently live in (on?) Grosse Ile, which is an island in the Detroit River approximately twenty minutes south of Detroit. My all-time favorite response to telling people I live on an island - "How do you get your mail?" While this is a valid question, there are approximately 10,000 residents and yes, we do have our own post office along with so much more. There is an alpaca farm, an airport, wildlife reserves, two yacht clubs and a boat club, elementary, middle and high schools, a hardware store, bakery, and a few great restaurants. My wife, Cailee, and I were even able to get married on Grosse Ile at the oldest family owned and operated farm in the state. 

I can't wait to share some amazing things. Thanks for reading!